An Abuse Prevention, Training and Advocacy Organization


IMG_20150218_152703Child Aid Organisation Kenya is a registered non governmental (NGO) founded in Kenya in 2008 to advance public education on the areas of children rights, trafficking in persons, sexual exploitation of children and other forms of gender – based violence.

The organization aims to work to the highest possible standards with integrity and transparency. In the past 8 years, the organization has been working hard to develop a policy statement that illustrates a set of corporate quality standards in support of our vision and the delivery of our strategy, which are in keeping with the organizational characteristics we aspire to, and which summarize all the relevant external and internal accountability and quality standards, codes, guidelines and principles to which we are committed. In summary they include:

  1. Values: living out our core values through our staff and with our partners.
  2. Impartiality and targeting: reaching the most vulnerable and marginalized people, selected on the basis of need alone, regardless of their race, religion or nationality.
  3. Accountability: being fully accountable to project participants, communities, partners, supporters and donors for the work we undertake and for the resources entrusted to us.
  4. Sustainability: empowering staff and partners and ensuring that the work that we support has a lasting impact, being built on local ownership and using local skills and resources.
  5. Advocacy: Influencing key decision-makers to make and implement policies and practices that work in favour of people who are poor and vulnerable.
  6. Children: the development and protection of children.
  7. Gender: restored relationships between men, women, boys and girls, and ensuring equal value, participation and decision-making by all.
  8. HIV: Working for an HIV-free world.
  9. Environment: reducing our impact on the environment.
  10. Disaster risk: reducing the risk of disaster.
  11. Conflict: promoting peace and reconciliation.
  12. Technical quality: supporting projects that are guided by relevant technical standards. Our quality standards include having zero tolerance for all forms of exploitation and abuse, fraud, bribery and any other conduct which is incompatible with our core values. We have action plans in place to deliver on these commitments.

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