Child Protection Community Sensitization Forum in Thigio, Kikuyu

We held a very successful and fruitful sensitization workshop with the parishioners of the Holy Cross Catholic Church in Thigio, in Kikuyu in the outskirts of Nairobi. The event was sponsored by Sisters of Charity Home – Thigio. Fifty four participants attended the day long sensitization. The primary target groups were church staff and community people working in child protection or those passionate with children issues in the community. The workshop covered: Child Protection; Children rights and Human trafficking. The purpose of the training was to sensitize the community on modern slavery (or slavery – like activities), explore practical ways in which the community can better protect their children  from abuse and exploitation; to impart knowledge about human trafficking and to orient participants of children rights as human rights; and exploring the need to form child Protection Committees in the area to aid in protecting children (including the most vulnerable) within this community – those who are  categorized as needing special care and protection as per Kenya children Act (2001).

The sensitization forum ended on a high note and it was resolved that “child protection starts with me”. The church and community members were challenged to be more vigilant and protective of their children and those of their neighbors. 
The facilitators used short video clips which the participants watched and then held group discussions round what they saw; after which, each group presented their observation – whole the groups with the help of the facilitators explored the issues emerging – in depth. Examples of some of the images we used to elicit group discussions include the following:
660-human-trafficking2-APhuman-trafficking-3-728Child Labour 1IMG_20150218_140133IMG_20150218_131737IMG_20150218_152703

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