…and how are the children today? ; Child Aid Organization Kenya

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It never at one time clicked in my mind how working with children in society was such a fulfilling obligation until I set foot in Child Aid Organization Kenya. It is then that I realized that children in society today were calling out and their cries could only be heard if we all in collaborative efforts stepped out and addressed the surrounding issues i.e. Child Sexual Abuse.

Child Aid Organization Kenya is a community-based non-governmental organization founded in 2008.It operates on national level in the area of child sexual abuse prevention(CSA),training and advocacy work in Kenya. Its purpose is to prevent and stop the sexual abuse of children in its entire forms :reduce societal tolerance of the sexual exploitation of children :prevent entry of children I into exploitation in all its forms: effectively advocate for the creation of strong,enforceable legislatives environments to protect children from sexual exploitation; and ensure that children who are sexually exploited have access to a range of services that enhances their safety and well-being and supports exit from sexual exploitation.

The organization operates under a policy statement which is comprised of the mission, vision, goals and objectivesPicture 249


To prevent all forms of children exploitation and maltreatment and to ensure that children and young people get access to timely protection services.
A world where children and young people are safe and enjoying a happy, healthy and secure childhood.
The purpose of the organization is to prevent the sexual abuse of children .The priorities and objectives of the organization are to eliminate the sexual abuse and exploitation of children in all its forms; and to make the positive engagement of men and buys by being a driving force in the elimination of the sexual abuse and exploitation of children.
To serve all children and young people without regard to nationality, ethnicity, ability, political belief, gender, status, religion or origin.
CAOK’s child policy ensures that staff, volunteers, and other representatives of CAOK and also our partners:
• Are aware of the problem of child abuse and related issues
• Safeguard children from abuse and all maltreatment through good practices
• Report all concerns about possible abuse
• Respond appropriately when abuse is discovered
• Everyone’s prime responsibility is to prevent child abuse
• CAOK will raise any concerns about the safety of children and or the behavior of adults
• Abuse prevention, Training and Advocacy
• Community participation and community development
• Sustainable Livelihoods
• Orphans and vulnerable children
• Research /impact assessments
• Gender audit, analysis and planning
• Sexual and intimate partner violence prevention programs
• Analysis of gender equity and vulnerability
• Local strategic partnerships
• International collaboration/programming
• Use of digital; platforms for advocacy (e.g. social media;
Face book/twitter /whatsapp etc

• Sexual Abuse prevention
• Identification, rehabilitation and re-integration of vulnerable children.
• Project and program design and management
• Lobbying &Advocacy for the facilitation of national reform programs and sector wide development plans on child protection ,identification ,prevention and monitoring and evaluation
• Research, evaluation, review, impact assessment.
• Capacity building support and training
• Consultancy services and technical assistance

Education, children have a chance to build a solid future. This is an important weapon in the battle against inequality and poverty, as well as extreme forms of exploitation such as human trafficking and child prostitution.

Sexual Abuse Prevention
Child Aid Organization Kenya aims to foresee that child protection is offered from exploitation, ensuring their rights to education and development. Extreme forms of child labor, abuse and exploitation are still community in East Africa. Although primarily linked to poverty, social and cultural circumstances also play a role. In 2008, CAOK enacted an educationally-based intervention and policy initiative on child sexual abuse awareness. Prevention and reporting/treatment practices called ‘’ (EPSA).This project has since established an international collaboration on child sexual abuse prevention that is supported and co-ordinated by the stop it Now (USA)

Capacity Building

Child Aid Organization Kenya plans and organizes impactful training conferences ,seminars ,workshops, and community outreaches activities to empower adults /parents,professionals,and communities on child sexual abuse and how it can be prevented /stopped. Since 2008, CAOK has been conducting sensitization meetings and training workshops in Kenya on Human rights and child rights violations.

Advocacy Work
CAOK is part of a network of local and international NGOs that extensively lobby for children safety and providing safe environments for children .In Kenya ,CAOK is a member of a technical working committee on developing a national plan of Action against Commercial sexual Exploitation of children in Kenya coordinated by the National Council of children services (NCCS)
and spearheaded by End Child prostitution in Kenya (ECPIK)

Picture 194

Volunteer Work
Volunteers plays a very important role in Child Aid Organization’s work .Applications are welcomed. This is outlined in our website http://www.childaidkenya.org .

Child Aid Kenya forms a perfect foundation for all of us to come together and make our children have a desired conducive environment for developmental growth .This will be achieved by addressing their rights, needs and interacting with them positively and thus an ALL-ROUND CHILD is re-birthed.
Am happy to share this with you, beautiful people.




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