About Us
Child Aid Organization Kenya is a registered community based non-governmental organization incorporated in Kenya under the society’s Act to advocate for the rights of children; education and awareness creation on sexual abuse prevention and to offer assistance to victims of child trafficking and survivors of child sexual abuse and other forms of violence against children.

Our Mission
Our mission is to prevent the sexual abuse of children and other forms of contemporary slavery and to ensure that children and young people get access to prevention services.

What we do
In the past three years, CAOK has been implementing the following programs in partnership with international and local partners and donors.
i. Preventing sexual abuse of children: a community and school – based intervention in Nairobi, Kenya. In 2010, we entered into an international collaboration with STOP It Now! a USA based NGO to pilot a project aimed at engaging adults in the prevention of sexual abuse of children. Through this pilot, we conducted focus group discussions with adults on their perceptions on child sexual abuse in their respective communities. The purpose of this project was to increase information and skills for adults/ professionals, from the Kibera and Kayole communities in Nairobi area in order to empower them to recognize commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) and other forms of gender – based violence and how to avoid, address and report abusive situations.

From April 2011, with a grant from The Stop It Now! /and The OAK Foundation, the Child Aid Organization Kenya (CAOK), is piloting a child sexual abuse prevention program in three locations in Nairobi. This program, “Preventing Child Sexual Abuse: a community and school – based intervention in Nairobi Kenya”, aims at piloting a child sexual abuse prevention community and school – based intervention aimed at reducing the impact and severity of child sexual abuse within targeted communities and help existing community structures to adopt good practices to protect, prevent, respond and resolve sexual abuse of children within their areas/and or at their work places.

ii. Conducting sensitization meetings engaging adults and young people in Nairobi, for the prevention of human trafficking and on offering assistance to survivors and/ or victims of Human Trafficking. In January 2011, CAOK received a Capacity Building grant from KARDS to strengthen its efforts at managing the problem of trafficking in persons, and to build the training capacity of its partners especially at the community level to effectively understand the basic concepts and terminologies surrounding issues of trafficking, identifying trafficking victims, recognize the risk factors and vulnerability at the source, in transit and at destination, and identify and communicate with trafficking victims. By June this year, we had trained 30 Trainer of Trainers (TOTs) using artistic expressions that were easy to apply, visually compelling and engaging dialogue and enhance accessibility to the information contained in the training modules especially for low literate participants. This is a one year pilot project in three three communities in Nairobi, Kenya. Based on the findings at this stage; this program will be expanded and/ or replicated in other areas in Nairobi or elsewhere in Kenya.

iii. Education and awareness creation on the prevention of child sexual abuse (EPSA): In 2008, Child Aid Organization Kenya formed a bi – national collaboration of researchers, rights – based advocates and policymakers in Kenya which enacted an educationally school and community – based intervention and policy initiative on child sexual abuse and exploitation (CSA/E) awareness, prevention and reporting /treatment practices called “Education for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse (EPSA)”.This pilot project established a training manual for teachers on CSA, combining cultural considerations with utilization of concepts from Preventing Sexual Abuse, a book authored by Dr. Carol Plummer. Two hundred teachers from fifty schools were pre-testing to gain understanding of current knowledge and reporting practices of teachers during the summer of 2009. This pilot revealed statistically significant gains for teachers in a number of knowledge, attitudinal and behavioral domains. EPSA consisted of multiple activities operating simultaneously: formative research, community awareness, and promotion of professionals and teacher training.

iv. Partners: We partner with Live Well Care Solutions, a local community based organization in Komarock location in Nairobi, and New Adventure Community Based Organization – Kibera to implement projects at the community level. Some of these projects are:
a. The Orphans and Vulnerable Children Program and
b. The KUNA NAFASI HIV/AIDS Prevention, Care and Treatment Services.


For more information contact:

Jane Wanjiru, Communications & Advocacy Officer

Email: childaidke@gmail.com

Tel. +254 – 20 -22321156

P.O. Box 483 – 00518

Nairobi, Kenya